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Unemployment hits a new high (and our adventures with MARVIN continue)

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This just in: The labor department says unemployment nationally is at a 25-year high, 9.5 percent in June. And it’s still 100 percent here at this blog.

Here’s the link to the YahooNews story.

In other news, earlier this morning I called MARVIN to make up for not calling them last Wednesday.

Something’s odd or changed with the good ol’ Michigan Automated Response Voice Interactive Network: This time it told they’d send me my check when they’ve been automatically depositing my money. (But I need the money deposited into my little debit card account NOW! Not that I’m impatient or anything.) And it said I was still certified. (I had wondered about that; it’s getting towards the end of my initial 26-week unemployment claim).

But the most interesting part of this week’s MARVIN call was at the end: It said to “call back if you’re still unemployed.” Did it miss me last week? Does MARVIN know something about my future that I don’t?


Written by Joanne

July 2, 2009 at 9:21 am

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  1. […] call MARVIN nearly three weeks ago. On the advice of friends and not knowing what else I could do, I called the MARVIN line on the next week’s make-up date. And I didn’t get its usual response but one promising me a […]

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