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Another rejection letter … with a twist

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Like every other job hunter, I’ve received plenty of rejection letters  — and postcards, e-mails, and phone calls — in my day. It’s almost to the point where I could wallpaper my bathroom with them.

If my landlord’s reading this,  he can relax. I’m not really going to wallpaper my bathroom in 21st Century Employment Rejection.

Today, however, brought a new twist to the rejection letter pile.

I went to my mailbox early this afternoon and found an envelope addressed to me from an employer with which I’d interviewed nearly two weeks ago. (I’m not giving any names, for reasons which will become obvious.)

Carefully I opened the envelope, thinking, okay, it’s another rejection letter …

… and inside was a rejection letter addressed to another person.

Meaning, they sent me a letter saying someone else didn’t get the job.

I’ve called the employer to let them know, and I’m sending the letter back so they can resend it. I can’t stand the thought of some other hopeful job hunter not knowing he or she didn’t get this job because this letter was mistakenly sent to me. Even though it wasn’t my mistake.


Written by Joanne

July 8, 2009 at 4:11 pm

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