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Uh-oh, the sequel

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After calling off and on since one o’clock, finally getting something besides the “We’re sorry, all circuits are busy …” recording, and then listening to various state public service and promotional messages for almost an hour on hold, I just got off the phone with the unemployment agency.

As I said in my “Uh-oh” post, I missed my appointment to call MARVIN nearly three weeks ago. On the advice of friends and not knowing what else I could do, I called the MARVIN line on the next week’s make-up date. And I didn’t get its usual response but one promising me a check.

And then as I went about my life of blogging and job hunting, I patiently waited and waited and waited for my check, for my debit card account deposit, for some form of money to arrive from the state.

None arrived.

Now, I’m a patient person. But my (bank account and) patience neared its end today. I called unemployment when I got home this afternoon.

The unemployment insurance agency representative told me my account was missing two weeks of unemployment certifications from mid-June; the two weeks before the missed call. Even though I had made the make-up call the week after I missed the call.

I made a statement I had missed my last June MARVIN appointment and make-up times because I had been job hunting (true), and the rep took my missing unemployment certification over the phone.

However, it’s not over yet: I now have to wait for a letter saying whether or not the certification she took over the phone was approved (sigh).

The moral of the story, dear readers?

Whatsoever you do in your unemployed life, do not miss your appointment to call your unemployment agency!

P.S.: I was also told I (only) have four weeks left on my original unemployment claim. Please hire me …


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