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Over 10 percent unemployment, millions unemployed for months and months

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By now, I suppose you’ve heard today that the national jobless rate is now over 10 percent. (Here in Michigan, the most current statistic I Googled for our state unemployment rate was 14.9 percent.)

If you hadn’t heard how high this country’s unemployment rate now is — or you want further details — here’s the Yahoo! News story:

Jobless rate tops 10 pct. for first time since ’83 – Yahoo! News.

The statistic which most sticks out in my mind from this story: 5.6 million Americans have now been unemployed for six months or more. Yes, I’m one of them.

Except for some days of substitute teaching and other odd jobs, I just passed my tenth month anniversary of unemployment.  I believe I marked the occasion by looking for work. And blogging about looking for work.

Economists say the economy has recovered. Maybe it has in some ways; I’ve had luck looking for a part-time Christmas job. However, it’s difficult to find full-time work in the field I want to work in — libraries — due to funding cuts and staffing cuts. I may have to either take a job doing something else, work only part-time in my field, or move to another state.


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  1. I have never been one for numbers… I would rather look at real people, with real problems and the truth is quite evident. The stimulus package didn’t stimulate much and the messed up thing about it all that we the taxpayers will have to pay for it all. If I pay my mortgage late I get talked to like an idiot, calls, letters and a mark on my credit. However, look at the tons of recipients of the Bailout who won’t be paying back one red penny. Citizens Bank & The Royal Bank of Scotland won’t be. All those billions of dollars they received just gets added to this nations debt… So the unemployment rate is no surprise… which in itself is sad… Great Post, Great Blog, Take Care!


    November 6, 2009 at 1:13 pm

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