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As our longtime readers know, we here at WSFAU are big Bruce Springsteen fans. Since we’re between bosses right now, you could say he’s our Boss.

We went to last night’s show at The Palace with great expectations — and a spot standing on the main floor. After all, he was to play one of rock music’s best albums — Born to Run — live in its entirety.

The show started off with a gaffe: Springsteen said good evening Ohio, apparently still thinking he was in Cleveland from a few nights before. But he mentioned the Pistons in his new tribute to the soon-to-be-wrecked Meadowlands, “Wrecking Ball.”

With help from Little Steven Van Zandt, Springsteen soon admitted he f’ed up big time and had just lived out “every frontman’s nightmare”. And Bruce later proved he did indeed know where he was by playing Bob Seger’s “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man,” his own “Detroit Medley,” and Jackie Wilson’s Motown classic “Higher and Higher.”

How did I enjoy the live performance of Born to Run, you ask? Well ….

My spot on the floor was hot and very crowded. By the time Springsteen started “Backstreets,” I began to feel faint and slightly sick to my stomach. I knew I had to get to a less crowded spot. So I made my way to the soundboard, where people let me sit down and gave me water. The show was still going on, of course, and I tried to listen, but I’ve never listened to those songs less attentively in my life.

A crowd control officer saw me almost immediately and called first aid. Soon I was whisked backstage in a wheelchair to the first aid station, given more water, and observed for about 20 minutes.

They took me back out to the floor, but to the much less crowded back of the floor. Which was fine with me. I got a better view of the stage that way anyway.

The second half of the show was great: “Because the Night,” the Detroit songs I mentioned, “Badlands,” even “Born in the USA” and “Dancing in the Dark.”

The show I saw: Five stars. 😉

The Free Press/freep.com review, of the entire show:

Bruce Springsteen shows heart, puts foot in mouth | freep.com | Detroit Free Press.

Written by Joanne

November 14, 2009 at 3:09 pm

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