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Another interview, and handling other rejections

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On this site’s Facebook page, I said yesterday I had a job interview. Which two of WSFAU’s fans “liked,” and one asked how I thought it went. (Now that’s the sort of fan interaction I like.)

I think it went okay. It wasn’t for my dream job — but then, I have to admit my “dream job” is rapidly changing to any job that will pay my bills, keep food on my table, and keep my Internet connection on.

I also received two more rejection letters Monday and yesterday.  😦

However, the best idea I’ve heard lately as to what to do with rejection letters is to write the rejector a thank you letter. This supposedly works best if you were one of the top two or three candidates. That way, if their pick doesn’t take the job or quits, you’ll be next in their mind.


Written by Joanne

November 25, 2009 at 12:30 pm