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I’ve briefly mentioned before that I have been doing some substitute teaching this fall.

Here in Michigan, it’s not difficult to become a sub. If you have a bachelor’s degree — in anything — and pass a background check, you can get what the state calls an emergency teaching certificate.

This means I’m qualified to supervise, even teach, classes from Kindergarten to 12th grades in Michigan. Which I have done several times since September. The teachers in my district leave me a lesson plan and I teach it. Or I’ve worked as a special ed aide.  I have little problem working with students one-on-one; that’s my favorite part.

Where I have a problem is in controlling classes of middle school or high school students. No matter what I do, they become noisy and hard to control. I once even had a fight break out in one of my classes. Surprisingly, they still asked me back to teach after that happened.

Needless to say, I have gained a whole new respect for teachers.

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