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14 more weeks

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That’s how much Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits I now have, according to the letter I received today from the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency.

That’s also the answer to the question on the minds of all of my friends and family.

“How much unemployment do you have left?” they’ve nervously been asking me these last few weeks, while no doubt doing the math in their heads.

Now I can tell them: 14 weeks, as of Dec. 13.

Let’s see … 14 weeks … that’s … not very long.

Glee’s fall season lasted a mere 15 weeks. (BTW, I’m not gleeful that my new favorite TV show is on hiatus until April to make way for American Idol.)

My college semesters were only about 14 weeks each — but they seemed long at the time.

Maybe something will finally happen in those 14 weeks, because this is my second unemployment extension. Someone I know who’s been unemployed since 2008 recently told me not to worry about my unemployment benefits; they just keep extending unemployment here in Michigan.

However, I do worry. As I’ve said here before, unemployment doesn’t pay much. As my Facebook page says, I would rather be working.

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  1. Great information! Thanks!

    Andrew A. Sailer

    January 10, 2010 at 6:31 am

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