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Book review: “Over 40 & You’re Hired!”

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As a job hunter who just happens to be a few years over 40, I found a very good book on my library’s  New Book shelves last week.

“Over 40 & You’re Hired! Secrets to Landing a Great Job,” by author and career counselor Robin Ryan, is a brand-new job guide. It’s a perfect reference and pep talk for all of us unemployed Baby Boomers who have ever wondered if we’re “too old” to get a (good) job.

It stresses several things: networking to find the “hidden job market;” making your resumé, cover letters, and personal appearance the best they can all be; keeping up with technology (I’ve got a blog, I can do that!); negotiating your salary; and how to answer the toughest and worst interview questions.

Ryan believes those of us over 40 can get good jobs with great salaries. Her new book tells you exactly how to go after and get them. Look for “Over 40 & You’re Hired!” in your library or bookstore or on Amazon.com.


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