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iWant an iPad …

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… even though iKnow iDon’t need an iPad. And iCertainly can’t afford to spend $499 (for the base model) now on anything which isn’t food or shelter.

Or maybe, just maybe, by the time the iPad appears in my local Apple Store in March or so, I’ll have a job, and I’ll need a new mobile computing device. That $499 price tag is comparable to a base netbook/laptop computer.

Or maybe I’ll win the MegaMillions lottery tomorrow night and have enough money to buy iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks for all of  WSFAU’s Facebook fans (and I know exactly who you all are). I’d better go out to the party store and buy a lottery ticket or two ….

First of all, I admit I am easily distracted (or should I say seduced?) by nice shiny electronics products. The iPad — despite its unfortunate feminine-product-sounding name — is your typical nice shiny Apple product. Yes, it looks like a big iPhone or iPod Touch. This looks like  design by association to me. Millions of people have iPhones, and millions more of us love our iPods.

Secondly, the iPad has its limitations. No Flash. Which means no watching Hulu and other web video on the iPad, they say. (Ah, but Apple wants you to buy its iTunes videos.) It has a touch keyboard. (Yes, but you can buy a separate keyboard. Or use its Bluetooth capacity to hook up a wireless keyboard and mouse.) The screen may or may not be right for book reading (but I’d sure like to try it). AT&T provides the 3G service. (I’ve had AT&T cellular service forever and I’m not complaining. Much.)

Third, if you’ve read this far, you may be saying, WSFAU, how is the iPad important to the unemployed? Good question (and thanks for reading this far). Well, it’s important for the unemployed to keep abreast of the latest in technology. You may be asked about the iPad in your next interview.

Plus we here at WSFAU can see potential for this shiny new thing to be used in various fields — library science, education, graphic arts, sales, journalism, public relations, to name a few off the top of our heads.


Written by Joanne

January 28, 2010 at 10:34 am

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