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Watch what you post, people

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From the “this should be obvious” department, USAToday.com recently reported that people should be very careful of what they post on the Internet, because their potential employers could read it. You’ve Googled employers; of course they’re going to Google you. And read your Facebook page.

In two separate Microsoft studies, less than 15 percent of people in several countries believed their online posts and photos have no effect on potential employers. Meanwhile, 70 percent of recruiters said they didn’t hire someone based on the candidate’s Internet postings.

In one way I’m not worried about this. My personal Facebook page doesn’t have wild party pictures on it (and neither does the WSFAU Facebook Fan Page, by the way). I don’t make whiny status updates about hating Mondays or get into flame wars. And my Facebook profile is set to private. If you Google my name, you’ll mostly find links to work I did for my previous employer. That ought to impress a future employer.

But yet, I worry — and you’re looking at the reason why I worry.  (Yes, you can find this blog via Google and Yahoo,  too.) Sometimes I worry that blogging about unemployment may hurt my chances at a future career. Although I once had a potential employer compliment the blog.

Yet, as the title suggests, I write this blog to make the best of a bad situation.

Written by Joanne

January 28, 2010 at 6:23 pm

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