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A tale of two (different) cities in one recession

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USA Today’s featured front-page story today compared the city with the second lowest unemployment rate — Lincoln, Neb., at 4.1 percent unemployment — to the city with the second highest unemployment rate,  Merced, Calif., with 19.8 percent unemployment.

Recession takes uneven toll in Lincoln, Neb., and Merced, Calif. – USATODAY.com.

The two metropolitan areas are of similar population. However, there are some big differences between them: Lincoln is a highly-educated Midwestern college town and state capital which was relatively unaffected by the last decade’s real estate boom/bust cycle. Merced is a mostly agricultural inland California town affected by the real estate bust and the cyclical nature of agriculture.

It’s an interesting comparison. As the story says, it’s almost like there’s no recession in Lincoln. Meanwhile, the people of Merced are struggling to get by.

The answer seems to be in having a stable economy. But not every area — or industry — is so fortunate.

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