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Some news on the job front

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Over the last few days, I’ve had some interesting news on the job front. And on the personal front as well.

First, on Tuesday I received an email asking me to come to another Midwestern city six and a half hours away and three weeks from now for a civil service exam. It’s  for a Librarian I opening I’d applied for weeks earlier. Score high on the test, then get a chance at an interview. Simple, right?

I have my masters in library science, and there aren’t a lot of openings for librarians here in Michigan at the moment. So I’m going to go take the test. My car and I can manage the road trip (although one friend and fellow librarian suggested taking the train).

Second, on Ash Wednesday, AKA Pazcki Day here in Detroit, I ate a doughnut. And my TV decided to quit receiving over-the-air digital signals. (No, I do not have cable TV. Don’t want to watch much of it. Can’t afford the bill for it. )

So to the shock of several of my Facebook friends, I am apparently giving up broadcast television for Lent. This will give me more time and incentive to concentrate on job hunting. And I still have books. And my DVD player. 😉  But I miss seeing the Winter Olympics.  😦

Back to the job front.

Yesterday afternoon, after a polite follow-up voice mail to my latest interviewer, I received my latest job rejection letter email.  😦

Last night, after a referral from a former colleague and exchanges of emails, I received my first contract for freelance work.  🙂


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