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The things I miss by not working …

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A good friend of mine sent me an email yesterday saying he’d seen a slight “wardrobe malfunction” in his office and that it, of course, it was inappropriate for him to point it out.
“See what you miss by not being in the office everyday.  Then again, some days you’re not really missing anything,” he told me.
Ah, yes, the little things I’ve missed … or that I haven’t missed … such as:
  • Having to drive in on snow days like Monday. Because I worked for a newspaper, after all. And news happens on snow days.
  • Scraping my poor little car’s bumpers on the parking garage pillars.
  • Drinking too much coffee club coffee to get through the day.
  • The smell of someone else’s burnt microwave popcorn from the nearby microwave.
  • Stress (although being without a paycheck is stressful, too).

Written by Joanne

February 24, 2010 at 11:32 am

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