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On the road again

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I’m writing to you using the free wireless Internet connection at the Lake Forest, Illinois Oasis along the eastbound Tri-State Tollway (otherwise known as I-94). My GPS says I can make it back home tonight — but I’m tired and I don’t think I’m up to driving five more hours. Even with breaks for gas, food and other rests (if you know what I mean by “other rests,” and I think you do).

Some observations on my trip:

  • The test went well. They didn’t ask a single question about the categories of the Dewey Decimal System, despite my worries and cramming. But they did ask about Dewey Decimal numbers. There’s a difference. Thanks, everyone, for all your good wishes on Facebook and all your thoughts and prayers. 😉
  • If I don’t get this job, I should become a travel agent for librarians. I have a talent for finding and booking hotels located very near major libraries.
  • Speaking of hotels, sometimes it’s nice to splurge (or use Hotwire.com) and stay in a pretty good one. Especially the night before you do something pretty important. But tonight, if I don’t go all the way home, I’ll just look for some motel to lay my head.
  • To my local public library: I appreciated using your Librarian Civil Service Test manual. It helped give me an idea of what to expect today. However, the manual was from 1988. It needs weeding.

Well, I ought to get going. It’s nearly 5 p.m. here. I’m hungry, and I’m probably heading straight into rush hour traffic in Chicago.

See you back home.

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