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A few more words before I go home

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Before I get back onto I-94 to drive from northwest Indiana through southwestern Michigan to Detroit to home (whew), I’m once again taking advantage of my room’s free wifi to make a few more travel observations. It’s either this or add to my collection of motel/hotel shampoo and pens:

  • First of all, there doesn’t seem to be much around this town except the Ports of Indiana, casinos (there seems to be a casino near everything in Indiana), and a big old honking Bass Pro Shop. And there’s outlet malls somewhere around here, too. I think.
  • Speaking of free wifi, how come chain motels like the one I’m in right now offer things like free wifi and complimentary breakfast, while pricier hotels charge you for in-room Internet and breakfast?
  • And the term “complimentary” at these places, such as “complimentary breakfast” or “complimentary copy of USA Today” cracks me up. Does the food or the paper actually tell you: “My, you’re such a nice guest!”
  • My motel has a sign offering free breakfast. It’s next to a Denny’s which is advertising breakfast specials. Guess those specials are for everyone who didn’t stay here.
  • Thought from my morning shower: Why can’t motel and hotel shower controls be standardized somehow? Every single one I’ve ever used has been different! And I don’t even travel that often!
  • TV critic time: No wide screen HDTV in this place — but more cable channels. I got to watch part of Southland again last night; NBC never should have canceled that show, IMO.  And I thought TCM was all about classic Hollywood movies, but they were showing classic Japanese films — no, not Godzilla movies — last night and into this morning.  Kurosawa films, I think. Whoever the director was, the movie was well directed. I don’t think the Bass Pro Shop crowd would have appreciated them, though.
  • Back to unemployment: CNN is reporting this morning there’s now five of us unemployed to every job opening. And saying their viewers say it feels like there’s a lot more than that.
  • Also on CNN: saw the woman Conan O’Brien’s following on Twitter. If CoCo had to pick a woman from the Detroit area, and she wasn’t me, then I’m glad it’s her. But gee, it could have been me! I like peanut butter, too!

Oh, gee, would you look at the time. I still need to pack. And drive about 250 miles. Time to get going.


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