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I’m having a nice weekend

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Even though my house sitting gig has ended and the weather is now unseasonably cold, I’m having a nice weekend.

The high point  — so far — was last night. I went to a comedy film festival at an old movie house, had some laughs with some good friends — and won some much-needed cash in the 50/50 drawing at intermission. A win-win. Especially since the non-profit theatre society got the other half of the money.  🙂

Before then on Saturday morning, I took a workshop at my new favorite store on using my new favorite electronic device. After the workshop I had a cup of coffee. And, later, a different kind of coffee.

This afternoon, I’m stopping by an interesting-sounding event at my local library. How can any bibliophile resist  “The Day of Books and Roses”? I sure can’t. (If you can’t, it’s from 2-7 p.m. at the Ferndale Public Library in fashionable Ferndale, Mich.)

Hope you’re also having a good weekend.

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