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Shameless plug time: Visit the EXPworker45+ blog!

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Today I wrote my first guest post on another group’s employment-related blog. As one of my friends would say, it’s now shameless plug time for me to promote their blog.

Correction: I should say “our blog,” because I’m one of the members. Anyway, on with the plug.

The EXPworker45+ networking group is a group of Baby Boomer/mature/older job seekers meeting Wednesday mornings in Ferndale, Mich., for mutual advice and support. Most members are in their 50s or early 60s. (I’m in my late 40s and I believe I’m the baby of the bunch.) We’re sponsored by the Ferndale Career Center.

Since we’ve started meeting in March, we’ve been quite active. We’ve discussed unemployment extensions, practiced our answers to “Tell me about yourself,” carpooled to a job fair, and discussed how to use Twitter and LinkedIn in a job search. Our group even has Facebook and Twitter accounts along with our blog.

Since the leaders knew I blogged, they asked me to contribute to the EXPworker45+ blog. For days and weeks I wondered what to say. Should I be inspiring? Be funny? Give resume and cover letter tips? I just wasn’t sure.

Finally, I had an idea. It’s here.

This Wednesday, April 21 at 10 a.m., the EXPworker45+ group plans to meet at The Coffee Beanery, at the corner of Woodward Avenue and Wiltshire (south of 12 Mile, west side of Woodward) in Berkley, Mich. If you’d like to join us, bring your laptop or netbook computer — we’ll be using the wi-fi to collaborate on our LinkedIn accounts, other social media accounts, and resumes. I’ll be the one with the new shiny happy MacBook. 🙂 And an old HP laptop PC to share. 😉


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