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Thoughts on a Sunday morning

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  • I’m with my computer in the mall food court on a Sunday morning. I’m taking advantage of their free wi-fi. It’s just me and the mall walkers. I recently finished my latest computer lesson at my favorite computer store. Since the store’s not officially open yet, I’m waiting for something else to open so I can either get a snack, buy something else I can live without, or go back to the Apple Store and drool over the iPhones.
  • Every time I do this — go to the mall for computer classes at or just before the time it opens — it always amazes me how many people are here walking around. Or here working. It’s like this whole secret subculture about which I never knew of before.
  • I have just enough Catholic guilt in me to think that I should be in church now. Well, my parish does have 5 p.m. services. 😉
  • Is there any public or semi-public building in this country which no longer has free wi-fi? (Besides the hotel I stayed in in March?)
  • Speaking of walking, this mall is on the route of today’s March of Dimes Walk. There’s a light rain outside, which hardly seems fair to the walkers. Good luck to them.

Written by Joanne

April 25, 2010 at 11:51 am

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