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My up-and-down week

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It’s been a busy week full of ups and downs.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, I visited my stepmother. The visit went well, except for a few things:

  • I cracked a molar on some of her crispy — and delicious — homemade candy. Luckily, the tooth didn’t ache, and it still doesn’t hurt. But it sure felt funny at the time …
  • My stepmother’s MacBook’s screen is damaged and her Internet service was down, so I couldn’t show her my Mother’s Day blog entry.

On Monday, I had a job interview. Which went very well — no more cracked teeth or damaged laptop screens. 😉 Some signs that it went well:

  • I wasn’t nervous.
  • One of my interviewers took notes on a MacBook Pro.
  • Instead of just saying “Thank you for coming in” at the end, they said “Thank you for coming in” and suggested I walk around the downtown neighborhood (the interview was in another town) to get my bearings.

On Tuesday afternoon, after my trips back home, I started my car to go out and run a few errands. The speedometer/ information display flashed “Service Vehicle.” I consulted the owner’s manual — which said it could be anything. So I drove to the dealership. A short wait and $114 later, they said it was a loose wire. At least it happened Tuesday and not the days before.

Wednesday morning, I finally went to my dentist to see about my cracked tooth — and have my dentist see it. Thanks to modern technology, my dentist did show me the tooth — well, a very good photo of it. I don’t have a copy of it, and you don’t need to see it. I’ll just say he says, and I agree, the tooth now needs a crown.  And I’ll be eating soft foods for the next month or so until the crown’s finished.

Yesterday morning, I got up and drove to another appointment I thought I had. It was on May 13 — of last year. So I walked through the rain, went out to my car, started it up — and “Service Vehicle” flashed again. Back to the dealership. Some sensor was loose. At least they only charged me $20 more.

This morning, I woke up early and did something I’ve never done before. I knocked my glasses off the table on which they were sitting overnight. Luckily, I can — could — see clearly enough to find them.

It hasn’t just been a week of broken stuff. I saw my friends, went to my job hunting support group, and went to Toastmasters meetings this week, too.

Also, this week’s rains finally let up enough for me to get out yesterday afternoon for a successful afternoon of census-taking. Luckily, I haven’t (yet) had to take Ms. Blaferngar Blaferngar’s census:


So this morning I believe I’ve earned the right to say TGIF.

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