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My, it’s hot around here

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Since the temperature is now cooling down tonight — to, oh, about the 80s — we figure it’s time to wipe our sweaty brow and write about how we unemployed persons are coping with the terrible heat wave which has descended upon Detroit and the East Coast since the holiday weekend.

We had an easy time coping with it over the Fourth of July: We were at a pool party. But alas, the holiday and the pool party are now over. Taking a refreshing, private swim on a hot, hot day is no longer an option for the WSFAU staff. (Sigh.)

Since the Fourth, we have found a few other ways to escape the heat. Yesterday, we window-shopped in the nicely air-conditioned mall. I admit we played with the new iPhone 4 in The Apple Store. However, we did not buy one. (Too many reports of reception problems — and it costs too much money.)

We’ve also been hanging out in coffeehouses, taking advantage of the free wi-fi, the cool drinks, and the air conditioning. I’m far from the only laptop owner who’s been doing this the last two evenings. However, I do need to wrap it up soon and go home to bed. Because tomorrow is going to be another hot, hot day.

Written by Joanne

July 6, 2010 at 10:32 pm

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