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We have a job interview

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We’re sitting around the house preparing for our next job interview, which is tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

We’re planning not to be like the California job seeker who recently crashed her car through her prospective employer’s office window. We’re guessing she didn’t get the job. (Plus, we just paid off the WSFAU staff car’s loan last week. So we’d really, really hate to get into a car accident this week.)

We also need to think of interview questions and answers. Questions besides “When would I hear from you?” and answers besides “Yes,” “No,” and “Uh ….”

It’s been a few months since we’ve had a job interview. So we’re a little nervous.

How else have we been spending our time these last few weeks?

  • Applying ourselves, as another friend of ours said on Facebook today. Since we’re short on funds and long on time, we’ve been finding and applying for all sorts of jobs.
  • Going to Toastmasters meetings.
  • Going to unemployment support group meetings.
  • Spending time with our friends.
  • Trying to stay cool in this summer’s hot weather.
  • And preparing for our high school reunion this weekend. (I’m not going to say which year reunion it is, but it is one of the big even-numbered ones.)

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