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Job Strategies: Gifts for job seekers  

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I was surfing the Internet this afternoon in between searching for job openings and filling out applications (yes, I’m still alive and looking) when I came across this holiday story:

Job Strategies: Gifts for job seekers  | ajc.com.

This Atlanta Journal-Constitution story takes a different approach to the “here’s what to get that special someone for Christmas” story.

For one thing, it suggests that — besides a job — your favorite unemployed person could use things like some escapist entertainment (some well-chosen DVD’s, perhaps?), a gift certificate for your help with company research, or even a nice home-cooked meal.

For another, its suggestions won’t cost you a lot of money, either.





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December 8, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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Happy Mother’s Day

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My mother at work in the Classified Advertising Department of The Flint Journal in the 1970s.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, aunts (my Aunt Joanne reads this blog, so hello to her today), and other caring women out there!

I’m not a mother myself. However, I actually have two mothers.

My mother, Mary, has been gone for six years now. I’ll always miss her, and so will her family, friends, and coworkers. Mom was a caring, gentle, intelligent, and often funny woman. People said we looked alike, and we did.

Mom worked, hard, as a secretary in a newspaper classified advertising department. (Thankfully, Mom was about to retire before craigslist would have eliminated her job.)

My brother and I have always liked that old picture of Mom, taken when she was new at her paying job. Notice the old receipt book — and lack of a PC! They were just learning how to use Video Display Terminals back then.

I also have a stepmother, Judy. After my parents’ marriage ended, she and my father married when I was in my teens. Now, I’m the first to admit Judy and I didn’t always see eye-to-eye. However, we’re now friends. Plus, how can I dislike someone else who owns and uses a MacBook? 😉

Judy’s in her seventies now; retired, very active, and dividing her time between Arizona and Michigan.

But I remember the years Judy worked part-time at our local hospital as a charting secretary, dealing with medical records and doctors and nurses. Then she’d come home and deal with us kids and Dad. Or deal with us and then go to the hospital.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of Judy at her job — and she’s been the family picture-taker over the years. So I really don’t have a good picture of her to post right now. So just imagine an average-looking woman at family weddings, reunions, graduations, and other events. Or, yes, skydiving in Arizona for her seventieth birthday (she’s particularly proud of that, and she should be).

Again, we at WSFAU wish every single hard-working mother out there a Happy Mother’s Day.

Even if you’re officially unemployed, we know you’re still hard at work. 😉

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May 9, 2010 at 7:00 am

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A big day and a question

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It’s April, it’s spring in Michigan, and it’s Holy Saturday and Passover.

There’s this little college basketball game tonight, too. Something about “Michigan State” and the “Final Four,” we hear.  😉

And last but not least, the iPads have officially sprung at the Apple Store on this spring morning.

It’s a big day.

As much as we’d like to be one of those people we saw on the local weekend morning news who was in line at the local Apple Store enthusiastically waiting for our very own shiny new iPad, we’re not.  😦

One big reason: The other night, David Letterman showed off a new iPad and gave the Top Ten Questions you should ask yourself before waiting in line for the new iPad. I present a link to them below:

Late Show Video – Apple iPad Top Ten List – CBS.com.

But the question Letterman didn’t tell me to ask — and which I had to ask myself — is: “How can I possibly afford $499 (plus the cost of the keyboard accessory) for an iPad while I’m unemployed?”

Still, we may just sneak over to The Apple Store this afternoon anyway to ask if they have a demo iPad with which we could play… I mean look at …. for research purposes, of course. Yeah, that’s it. Research.

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April 3, 2010 at 10:28 am

Surviving Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day, readers.

For those of you who are happily coupled, why are you reading this blog? Go have a happy day doing whatever happy couples do on Valentine’s Day.

For those of us who are single (like the WSFAU staff), however, Feb. 14 is more of a day to be survived than celebrated.

This year the dreaded date does fall on a Sunday, on Chinese New Year, and during the Winter Olympics. So we suggest spending the day going to church, eating Chinese food, and watching the Winter Olympics.

If all else fails, buy yourself some chocolate. Just not in one of those heart-shaped boxes.

Written by Joanne

February 14, 2010 at 11:32 am

Merry Christmas

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It’s Christmas morning. I’m at my brother’s house, and my brother and sister-in-law are now watching the Disney Christmas Parade from Walt Disney World on their big screen TV.

I personally think holiday parades should take place in colder climates. Like, say, in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. So I decided to slip away and use his computer to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

However you’re celebrating today, I do hope you’re having a happy day.

Written by Joanne

December 25, 2009 at 10:23 am

Happy Festivus! Time for The Airing of My Grievances!

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Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us! Yes, it’s December 23, the official day of every Seinfeld fan’s favorite fictional late-December holiday.

If you don’t know what Festivus is, allow this video to explain:

The Story of Festivus

I haven’t put up my aluminum pole because I’m going out-of-town for the holidays — but, like Mr. Costanza, I do find tinsel distracting. 😉

And this whole year has been a Feat of Strength for me. So my Festivus won’t be over until New Year’s.

However, even a patient person like me can celebrate the Airing of the Grievances. So, it’s time for you to listen up, because I’ve got a lot of problems with you people! And now you’re going to hear about them!

My first grievance is with whoever gave this computer a virus last month. Go get a real job and write a real computer program with your time, okay?

Second, I’m always finding ways to be grieved at MARVIN and the Unemployment Insurance Agency. Look, I know our state’s short of money. However, why does that mean you have to delay getting my money into my account? At least be honest and change the MARVIN recording which says you’ll receive your payment on the “next business day” to “two or three business days,” okay?

Third, I’m peeved at Mother Nature. Why does fresh snow have to be so pretty to look at, yet such a pain to drive on?

My fourth grievance — and I mentioned this in my last post but I’m still p.o.ed about it — goes to the Fox Network for taking the wonderful show “Glee” off its schedule until April. At least we Gleeks will have fall season videos by the end of the year, and two cast albums worth of music from the show.

Fifth goes to Nestle. I recently bought a package of its Christmas Shapes pre-cut sugar cookies and made them yesterday. An excellent product for the time-pressed baker: Two dozen Christmas cookies, already ready for you to bake and decorate with a package of icing. Except the icing comes in only one color: red.  Really, Nestle? I had no problem painting the stockings red, but red snowmen? And little red Christmas trees? Next time, how about white icing?

Last but not least, why did my stepmother have to have a birthday so close to Christmas? Because I forgot/was too busy baking cookies to call her and wish her a happy birthday yesterday. 😦

Some holiday Band Aid for you

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The staff and I will be away from WSFAU this week. While we go through Internet and blogging withdraw (horrors!), we leave you with one of our favorite Christmas songs and videos from the 1980s. (We find Bono’s solo especially ironic.)

Enjoy the nostalgia, enjoy the holidays, and don’t forget to let someone else in need know that it’s Christmastime.

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December 13, 2009 at 12:12 pm

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