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We’ve made a little change ….

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And now we’re masters of our own domain. 😉

The Internet domain “whatssofunnyaboutunemployment.com“, that is.

But never fear, WSFAU readers! You can still reach us at our old address, whatssofunnyaboutunemployment.wordpress.com. WordPress is so nice to forward our traffic for us like that. (They’re such gracious hosts.)

Either way, we’ll still report on unemployment news and views — and one woman’s continuing search for a job in this economy.


Written by Joanne

October 10, 2010 at 10:10 pm

Slip-sliding away

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I woke up this morning to find this note:

Dear Boss:

We’ve had it with this unemployment/blogging thing. We’ve been doing all the legwork. You’ve been getting all the credit. It’s time — way past time —  for us to grab a few beers and slide on out of here for a while. (So to speak.)

The WSFAU Staff

Oh, my. They did a Steven Slater on me. On Friday the 13th, no less.

They’ll be back. I know it. I know them.

Plus, I still have their computer.

Written by Joanne

August 13, 2010 at 9:00 am

Speech! Speech!

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I’m making a speech this Tuesday, Feb. 23, about this very blog and how you too can start your own blog at WordPress.com.

I’ll be one of the speakers during the Birmingham Toastmasters Open House at The Community House, 380 S. Bates in Birmingham, Mich., from 7-9 p.m.

So if you’re curious about blogging, about Toastmasters International, or what I look like, come on out and join us. The price is right; it’s free.

Written by Joanne

February 19, 2010 at 7:00 am

Over 10 percent unemployment, millions unemployed for months and months

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By now, I suppose you’ve heard today that the national jobless rate is now over 10 percent. (Here in Michigan, the most current statistic I Googled for our state unemployment rate was 14.9 percent.)

If you hadn’t heard how high this country’s unemployment rate now is — or you want further details — here’s the Yahoo! News story:

Jobless rate tops 10 pct. for first time since ’83 – Yahoo! News.

The statistic which most sticks out in my mind from this story: 5.6 million Americans have now been unemployed for six months or more. Yes, I’m one of them.

Except for some days of substitute teaching and other odd jobs, I just passed my tenth month anniversary of unemployment.  I believe I marked the occasion by looking for work. And blogging about looking for work.

Economists say the economy has recovered. Maybe it has in some ways; I’ve had luck looking for a part-time Christmas job. However, it’s difficult to find full-time work in the field I want to work in — libraries — due to funding cuts and staffing cuts. I may have to either take a job doing something else, work only part-time in my field, or move to another state.

Uh-oh, the sequel

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After calling off and on since one o’clock, finally getting something besides the “We’re sorry, all circuits are busy …” recording, and then listening to various state public service and promotional messages for almost an hour on hold, I just got off the phone with the unemployment agency.

As I said in my “Uh-oh” post, I missed my appointment to call MARVIN nearly three weeks ago. On the advice of friends and not knowing what else I could do, I called the MARVIN line on the next week’s make-up date. And I didn’t get its usual response but one promising me a check.

And then as I went about my life of blogging and job hunting, I patiently waited and waited and waited for my check, for my debit card account deposit, for some form of money to arrive from the state.

None arrived.

Now, I’m a patient person. But my (bank account and) patience neared its end today. I called unemployment when I got home this afternoon.

The unemployment insurance agency representative told me my account was missing two weeks of unemployment certifications from mid-June; the two weeks before the missed call. Even though I had made the make-up call the week after I missed the call.

I made a statement I had missed my last June MARVIN appointment and make-up times because I had been job hunting (true), and the rep took my missing unemployment certification over the phone.

However, it’s not over yet: I now have to wait for a letter saying whether or not the certification she took over the phone was approved (sigh).

The moral of the story, dear readers?

Whatsoever you do in your unemployed life, do not miss your appointment to call your unemployment agency!

P.S.: I was also told I (only) have four weeks left on my original unemployment claim. Please hire me …