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Michigan: Hire the Nerd Nov. 2

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The statistic Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder uses at the start of one of his campaign commercials and on his website is shocking: Every 10 minutes, Michigan loses another job.

Jobs have been the central issue in this campaign between governor hopefuls Snyder, the Ann Arbor “Nerd” venture capitalist, economic developer, and former CEO of Gateway computer; and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, the Democrat who’s been called “America’s Angriest Mayor.”

Jobs should be the central issue in this campaign to take over the job of term-limited and unpopular Gov. Jennifer Granholm; Michigan’s unemployment rate is currently 13 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We have the second-highest unemployment rate in the country, right between #1 Nevada and #3 California.

Bernero did make news this week for attracting more General Motors jobs to Lansing’s GM factories. And Bernero’s city (which happens to be the state capital) has one of Michigan’s lowest unemployment rates.

Meanwhile, Snyder’s stance against the state’s film and TV industry tax credits — credits which are bringing a growing creative industry and positive publicity to a state which needs new industry and good publicity — troubles us. We’re also slightly concerned that the governorship would be Snyder’s first elected office.

Snyder has impressed us, however, with his focus on wanting to see and change our troubled state.

He and Bernero only debated once this fall. But ever since the primaries, Snyder has traveled to every county of Michigan, by RV, to question and be questioned by voters in town hall meetings. How many other candidates traveled to both peninsulas?

And just like the policy wonk nerd he’s always claimed to be, Snyder’s always had a simple 10-point plan for changing Michigan. It’s on his website. We haven’t seen or heard of a similar plan from Bernero — just angry campaign commercials and mud-slinging during the debate. Michigan needs a positive leader, not another angry talking head.

If Snyder’s popularity in the polls translates to votes this Tuesday, the Nerd should become Michigan’s head Nerd on Nov. 2. We at WSFAU believe that hiring Snyder as Michigan’s next governor is one of the best things to do to bring jobs — and good governance — back to this state.


Good news for Michigan

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Tired of reading bad news today (celebrity deaths, weird governors, health care in crisis, the bad economy)?

Here’s some good news, at least if you live in southeastern Michigan: General Motors has apparently decided to build a new car here in Michigan.

Yes, it appears Government Motors decided to do the right thing by Detroit and keep its Orion Township assembly plant open to build a new subcompact car. And keep some of its jobs here in Michigan  instead of moving them to Spring Hill, Tenn., or Janesville, Wis.

Not that I have anything against Spring Hill — I’ve owned two Saturns which were built in Spring Hill — or anything against Wisconsin.

But Michigan is the home of the automotive industry. The Detroit area is full of auto workers, engineers, and suppliers who need work. This plant will give them much-needed work.

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June 25, 2009 at 9:22 pm

Two out of the Big Three Could Be Bad

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Today’s big news (well, last night’s too) here in Detroit is that the CEO of General Motors has joined the ranks of Michigan’s unemployed. He was apparently given his walking papers by the government.

Meanwhile, the president spent his morning assuring us all that GM and Chrysler need to be saved (gee, you think?), giving them a month or two to get their act together (yeah, that’ll do it) and that it’ll be OK to buy a car from a bankrupt company because the government will back car warranties (insert laughter here).

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March 30, 2009 at 12:24 pm

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