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The End?

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It’s been a long time since I posted here at WSFAU, for a variety of reasons.

Such as: Last January, I was very sick. As in, the ER doctor told me I could have died. Thankfully, I didn’t die. But I did spend a week in the hospital. And I’ve had to see doctors and take drugs and lab tests regularly ever since then. But I feel much, much better now, thanks.

And after years of blogging about unemployment, I tired of blogging about unemployment. So I did other things. I worked part-time, I looked for other job opportunities, I kept going to Toastmasters and serving on the board of the Friends of the Ferndale Library. Last month, I started another blog.

Yesterday, I received a job offer from Kelly Services to be a call center representative for my favorite computer company.  I’m also beginning to volunteer my writing services for a few local organizations. They and I hope the pro bono work will lead me to other opportunities.

So this looks like it may be my final post here. I’ll keep WSFAU up and linked to my new blog, though. (After all, I paid for the domain name.)

“The staff” and I thank you for reading WSFAU and its Facebook page.

And if you’re unemployed, you’re in my thoughts and prayers.


Written by Joanne

August 11, 2011 at 5:32 am

We have a job interview

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We’re sitting around the house preparing for our next job interview, which is tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

We’re planning not to be like the California job seeker who recently crashed her car through her prospective employer’s office window. We’re guessing she didn’t get the job. (Plus, we just paid off the WSFAU staff car’s loan last week. So we’d really, really hate to get into a car accident this week.)

We also need to think of interview questions and answers. Questions besides “When would I hear from you?” and answers besides “Yes,” “No,” and “Uh ….”

It’s been a few months since we’ve had a job interview. So we’re a little nervous.

How else have we been spending our time these last few weeks?

  • Applying ourselves, as another friend of ours said on Facebook today. Since we’re short on funds and long on time, we’ve been finding and applying for all sorts of jobs.
  • Going to Toastmasters meetings.
  • Going to unemployment support group meetings.
  • Spending time with our friends.
  • Trying to stay cool in this summer’s hot weather.
  • And preparing for our high school reunion this weekend. (I’m not going to say which year reunion it is, but it is one of the big even-numbered ones.)

For our shy readers

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The most introverted member of the WSFAU staff quietly brought this article to our attention this afternoon:

The Shy Job Seeker | Psychology Today.

We at WSFAU sympathize.

Here’s a little secret: We’re not always the humorous social networking butterflies that you may think we are. Sometimes, we’d rather just keep to ourselves. Especially when it comes to job hunting.

Yet we go out there and network and blog and speak and go on job interviews as best we can.

It’s not always easy, but we do it.


Because it’s what we need to do in today’s world to get another job.

And because, with practice, it can be fun.

Written by Joanne

May 29, 2010 at 1:23 pm

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Book review: “Over 40 & You’re Hired!”

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As a job hunter who just happens to be a few years over 40, I found a very good book on my library’s  New Book shelves last week.

“Over 40 & You’re Hired! Secrets to Landing a Great Job,” by author and career counselor Robin Ryan, is a brand-new job guide. It’s a perfect reference and pep talk for all of us unemployed Baby Boomers who have ever wondered if we’re “too old” to get a (good) job.

It stresses several things: networking to find the “hidden job market;” making your resumé, cover letters, and personal appearance the best they can all be; keeping up with technology (I’ve got a blog, I can do that!); negotiating your salary; and how to answer the toughest and worst interview questions.

Ryan believes those of us over 40 can get good jobs with great salaries. Her new book tells you exactly how to go after and get them. Look for “Over 40 & You’re Hired!” in your library or bookstore or on Amazon.com.

Merry Job-Hunting!

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It’s officially the holiday season. Time for partying, shopping, and gift-giving. Not the time for job-hunting, right?

Wrong. At least according to this article I found today, which suggests ways to keep up your search during the holiday season: Tips for Job-Hunting During the Holidays

Written by Joanne

November 29, 2009 at 9:34 am

Network Your Way into a Job

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Today’s article of the day, about one of my (least) favorite topics, networking:

Network Your Way into a Job | At Your Library.

Written by Joanne

November 2, 2009 at 7:37 pm

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Uh-oh, the sequel

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After calling off and on since one o’clock, finally getting something besides the “We’re sorry, all circuits are busy …” recording, and then listening to various state public service and promotional messages for almost an hour on hold, I just got off the phone with the unemployment agency.

As I said in my “Uh-oh” post, I missed my appointment to call MARVIN nearly three weeks ago. On the advice of friends and not knowing what else I could do, I called the MARVIN line on the next week’s make-up date. And I didn’t get its usual response but one promising me a check.

And then as I went about my life of blogging and job hunting, I patiently waited and waited and waited for my check, for my debit card account deposit, for some form of money to arrive from the state.

None arrived.

Now, I’m a patient person. But my (bank account and) patience neared its end today. I called unemployment when I got home this afternoon.

The unemployment insurance agency representative told me my account was missing two weeks of unemployment certifications from mid-June; the two weeks before the missed call. Even though I had made the make-up call the week after I missed the call.

I made a statement I had missed my last June MARVIN appointment and make-up times because I had been job hunting (true), and the rep took my missing unemployment certification over the phone.

However, it’s not over yet: I now have to wait for a letter saying whether or not the certification she took over the phone was approved (sigh).

The moral of the story, dear readers?

Whatsoever you do in your unemployed life, do not miss your appointment to call your unemployment agency!

P.S.: I was also told I (only) have four weeks left on my original unemployment claim. Please hire me …