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What I’ve been doing this fall

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Gee, it’s a little dusty in here. Guess it has been awhile since I’ve written. Sorry about that.

I’ve been busy this fall. I have had one or two short-term temporary jobs and some substitute teaching assignments. I’d prefer a full-time permanent job, but hey, it’s work and it’s money.

Toastmasters has also kept me busy. It’s fall speech contest season. I’m not competing; however I did organize one contest and am assisting with other contests. Until the end of this month.

Lastly, I just can’t stay out of The Apple Store. Against my better judgment, I bought another new toy there a couple of weeks ago. I’m really enjoying it and its various apps.


Written by Joanne

October 4, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Ms. WSFAU, the sub, continued

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As longtime WSFAU readers know, I occasionally interrupt my unemployment to substitute teach in my local school district.  It keeps me A. in touch with the youth of my town; and B. in grocery money.

Yesterday, I received a call to sub for an elementary school music teacher.  Now, I love music — but the only things I can play are stereos, iTunes, and my iPod. And I’m the first to admit I cannot sing.

It was only when the administrators told me show choir was canceled in the regular teacher’s absence that my inner Gleek realized I missed my chance to see/direct/be in my own little version of Glee. (On the other hand, I didn’t have to deal with a power-hungry cheerleading coach or a crazy soon-to-be ex, either.)

Despite my disappointment, I carried on with the substitute lesson plans.

The Kindergarten class was easy. The teachers aide and I showed them a Disney movie. At least it had musical numbers in it.

The violin class was also easy; their regular teacher came in.

One class, to its credit, knew what to do: They came in, took the instruments, and started working on the tune they had been composing. I was glad they did this — in my opinion, the substitute hadn’t left them much of a lesson. And I was their audience.

And I gave another class a lesson in the national anthem.

I still need to work on getting my classes to be better behaved and quieter. I don’t have much teaching experience, and asserting myself in the classroom has been a problem.  If any experienced teachers have any ideas for me (hello, Aunt Joanne!), please let me know.

Written by Joanne

March 3, 2010 at 11:45 am

I’m officially still unemployed

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I just finished filing my second claim for unemployment within a year.

It’s official: I’m still unemployed in the State of Michigan.

It was tense for a moment. I thought reporting that I was substitute teaching would mess up my new claim. However, I reported my pittance of teaching income (I had little choice. The school district taxes my wages and it’ll catch up to me sooner or later) and the system still approved my claim. I still have to go to the Michigan Works! office today to get my paperwork stamped and put my resumé in their system (it’s there already, but whatever).

I didn’t expect to still be unemployed now. Last year, I thought I’d have a full-time job sooner or later. Preferably sooner. However, sooner turned into later before I knew it.

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January 11, 2010 at 11:27 am

Ms. WSFAU, the sub

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I’ve briefly mentioned before that I have been doing some substitute teaching this fall.

Here in Michigan, it’s not difficult to become a sub. If you have a bachelor’s degree — in anything — and pass a background check, you can get what the state calls an emergency teaching certificate.

This means I’m qualified to supervise, even teach, classes from Kindergarten to 12th grades in Michigan. Which I have done several times since September. The teachers in my district leave me a lesson plan and I teach it. Or I’ve worked as a special ed aide.  I have little problem working with students one-on-one; that’s my favorite part.

Where I have a problem is in controlling classes of middle school or high school students. No matter what I do, they become noisy and hard to control. I once even had a fight break out in one of my classes. Surprisingly, they still asked me back to teach after that happened.

Needless to say, I have gained a whole new respect for teachers.

I’m back ….

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Sorry I was away from the blog for a while.

Awhile being, oh, the month of September.

I was somewhat busy and not thinking about unemployment for a while.  Sure, I was job hunting (and once again not getting the jobs that I’d most recently applied for).

I’m still doing volunteer work, still active in Toastmasters. And, at the suggestion of a few teacher friends of mine,  I’ve started substitute teaching for extra money and the work experience (three assignments so far).

What else can I tell you? Oh, on Wednesday, I discovered the company which made my car will no longer exist by next year.  😦  This is not only sad news for we loyal Saturn owners, but worse news for Saturn dealers and their employees. Our cars may be orphaned, but they lose their businesses and/or their jobs.

And I had jury duty in my local district court Thursday morning. Which consisted mainly of sitting around the courtroom(s) with 70 other people waiting for hours for the jury selection to start, and then seeing if I would be one of the few people selected for the one case for the day. I wasn’t selected, so I was excused after — and will be paid for — a half-day’s  jury service.

Written by Joanne

October 2, 2009 at 12:42 am