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Dear Internal Revenue Service, part 2

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Internal Revenue Service

Washington, D.C.

April 20, 2010

Dear Taxpayees:

When I last wrote you on Tax Day, I was upset.  I thought I owed you (and the State of Michigan) a few thousand dollars in income taxes.

Since I’m unemployed, I currently have no way of paying taxes — beyond what’s already been dutifully withheld, of course.

So on the night of April 15, I went to my nearest major post office, observed the Tea Party tax protest, made sure my extension forms were properly postmarked, knew the extensions wouldn’t save me from what was already due, and prayed you’d somehow understand once I finished my returns.

Yesterday I finished my returns with a copy of my W2. To my surprise, you actually owe me. About $550. (Insert my happy sigh of relief here.)

I quickly e-filed off my 1040 to you. Here’s where you can send the refund.

I trust this concludes our business for another year.


Joanne Taxpayer

cc: Michigan Department of Treasury

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